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HughesNet Satellite Internet. Your wait for high-speed Internet ends here! Broadband Satellite Internet by HughesNet.
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HughesNet Deals
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Satellite Internet from HughesNet®

The #1 High-speed Satellite Internet Provider in America
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Satellite Internet service from HughesNet Gen4 brings high-speed satellite Internet access where DSL and cable Internet cannot go - throughout all of the contiguous United States. With speeds that leave DSL in the dust, satellite Internet is ready when you are, no matter where you live in the continental U.S. No more waiting, dialing, or tied up phone lines. Getting online is quick, easy, and affordable with lease options and free standard installation.

HughesNet Gen4 Satellite Internet

Here is what to expect from HughesNet Gen4 satellite Internet service:

Surfing, downloads and email access are all so much faster than DSL
Always-on Connection, meaning no waiting or logging in
Phone lines are freed up - you don't even need a home phone or DSL line!
Download pictures, music and videos in seconds
Both Windows and Mac compatible
$99** Instant Savings
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Your HughesNet Gen4 Satellite Internet system comes standard with a high-speed satellite Internet modem that connects to your computer. The signal travels into your modem from a satellite mini-dish that is attached to the exterior of your home. And YES, you can connect your HughesNet Gen4 modem to a wireless router for a wireless Internet connection in your home! And don't forget that standard installation is free!*

Why HughesNet Gen4 Satellite Internet Service is Better than Dial-Up
You know the frustrations associated with DSL Internet service. SLOW speeds equal wasted time during which you could be doing other things. You need information delivered quickly in your fast-paced world. An always-on, fast, high-speed Internet connection means no more 3Mbps-speeds associated with DSL. Rather, a satellite Internet connection that produces downloads at up to 15MbpsΨ! Do the math - that's five times faster than DSL service! That is the power of HughesNet Gen4 high-speed satellite Internet service.

HughesNet Orders from Broadband Satellite Internet
Our highly-trained team of satellite Internet sales experts will help you select the best HughesNet Gen4 plan for you. You will understand all available options, payment plans, and installation details. It is our privilege to guarantee your satisfaction with HughesNet Gen4 from Broadband Satellite Internet.

HughesNet vs Other Satellite Internet Providers
Obviously, we are not the only Satellite Internet provider around. But we are the best. HughesNet Gen4 features two convenient and inexpensive payment options to get you surfing the net at high speeds. See for yourself how and why Hughes satellites provide over 2 million subscribers worldwide with the fastest satellite Internet service.

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